Sabrina’s approach to counselling is grounded deeply in the belief that people are all simply doing the best they can with the tools available to them at any given moment. This underlying principle enables her to approach her clients with a deep sense of curiosity and compassion, which makes for a safer environment in which exploration of thoughts, feelings, and actions may take place.

Systems and attachment theories are the foundational models of therapy at Bloom. This means that concerns and patterns of thought, feeling, and action are looked at in the context of the client’s overarching life story, with special attention given to how we function in relationship with ourselves and with others in our lives. She believes present coping strategies were borne out of necessity, though they may no longer be useful and new strategies need to be developed. Therapy can help people understand how old ways of handling things may have been helpful at the time, and can make way for different ways of managing to evolve. The interrelationship between our bodies and emotions is also of particular interest, and therapy may draw on clients’ physiological responses to help deepen awareness and understanding of what they are feeling.

As a result of her interest in this body/emotion connection, Sabrina has pursued specialized training in EMDR therapy and completed basic training in December 2017. She also has additional training in the “Flash Technique,” (January 2018) a new EMDR technique that enables clients to access and review traumatic material by flashing on a memory without being overwhelmed by having to describe the experience in any detail. She has already begun to incorporate this unique model of therapy into her practice, and is excited to be able to address client concerns from this modality. She is also a Certified EMDR provider and member of EMDRIA, and is a consultant-in-training working towards becoming an approved consultant who can provide support to other EMDR therapists.

Sabrina is very committed to ensuring that her clients receive the best and most effective care, and is committed to continuing studies and further training to increase the tools she can share with her clients. With this in mind, she is also aware of her limits – and may at times refer clients to other clinicians who have additional training in different models of therapy that may be more effective at helping them reach their goals. She is a collaborative clinician and in all circumstances will put her clients’ needs first, ensuring those who she works with receive the best care.

Above all what clients will find at Bloom is that they experience a therapist who is compassionate, non-judgmental, and kind. Sabrina actively sees the worthiness and value in each person, and helps her clients to recognize this in themselves. Her confidence in both the innate capacity and in the resilience of her clients is infectious, and she is ready to share that with you.