Professional Consulting Services

We are in relationship everywhere. First with ourselves, and then we enter into emotional exchanges with those we meet. From our kids, to coffee shop employees, to colleagues – we are in a constant exchange of emotional energy.

Sometimes these relationships are tricky.

Navigating workplace relationships can be a delicate job, and Sabrina offers support to schools, managers, business owners, and other professionals who are looking for strategies and ideas in how to discover and implement more effective people managing and workplace relationship building skills.

Consultation sessions are not mediation, and do not require both parties to be present. Rather it looks more like relationship coaching, with Sabrina striving to help you understand the present dynamic that is unfolding, and then working to increase relational safety for all involved by implementing small changes that can produce big results.

All consultation sessions include one initial appointment, and a shorter follow up session to be scheduled at a later date. These can be arranged at our office, or at a location of your choosing.

Please contact Sabrina for fees and scheduling.