Couples + Relationship Therapy

Relationships can be hard. Navigating our own inner stories can be difficult to begin with, and trying to merge multiple stories with multiple triggers, hot points, preferences, and ways of being can at times feel downright impossible.

Couple (marriage or common-law) or relationship therapy can help to address underlying patterns of interaction that get us stuck and keep us from feeling secure in relationship, and help create new patterns that lead to a greater sense of safety and intimacy between partners.

Couples therapy assists couples in navigating relationship as each partner grows and changes. Specific situations that may bring a couple to therapy include disconnection or loss of love, situations of intimate partner violence, infidelity, general marital dissatisfaction, ruptures of trust, and difficulties adjusting to life cycle transitions like parenting, launching children, and caring for aging parents.

Sabrina works with couples using Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), a model that is effective in uncovering the typical negative pattern of interaction between partners, identifying underlying unmet needs, and developing a new and healthier pattern of relating. She works gently with couples to help them learn to hear each other more deeply, to repair open wounds, and restore trust.

Couples are not the only folks who may be interested in attending therapy together. Sometimes friendships, sibling relationships, or other partnerships may experience tension or disconnection, or struggle to regain equilibrium after something jostled a relationship off its axis. Wholeness is a goal for all relationships, not just romantic partnerships.

Sabrina respects the hard work involved in improving connections in relationships, and is pleased to help partners of all orientations help build greater safety, trust, and intimacy in their relationships.

If you have questions about whether Sabrina can assist you in working towards healthier connections with others, feel free to connect with via our contact page or by phone at 204-396-0791.