EMDR Consultation Services

Sabrina is actively pursing excellence in the provision of EMDR therapy, and is at present registered as a Consultant-in-Training (CIT) with EMDR Canada. This means she is capable of providing consultation services to EMDR clinicians who have completed their basic training lectures/practicums and are looking to obtain their 10 hours towards obtaining their basic training certificate. She is also able to provide 15 of the 20 required hours of consultation towards those seeking to become Certified EMDR practitioners.

Sabrina is excited to see other clinicians discover their innate wisdom, while supporting them as they utilize EMDR with their clients. Her curiosity, gentleness, and enthusiasm create a safe and supportive learning environment for consultees. With an understanding of both Institute training and Roy Kiessling’s Belief-Focused model, she is capable of supporting consultees from both training modalities.

As part of her own learning as a CIT, Sabrina will also be meeting regularly with an Approved Consultant as she works towards becoming an Approved Consultant herself.

You will find available group consultation times for EMDR Consulting participants at this link. If you have questions about additional times, individual consulting, or group consultation outside of the EMDR Consulting basic training groups – please feel free to contact Sabrina at sabrina@bloomcounselling.com