Does My Health Plan Cover Therapy?

Bloom does not offer direct billing services at this time, and we encourage you to confirm the specific terms of your health coverage with your provider.

Sabrina has her Master of Arts in Counselling and is a Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCC) through the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association, and her CCPA registration number will be noted on each receipt. She also carries professional liability and general insurance coverage that is in line with industry standards.

For some health insurance providers this may be sufficient education and professional designation to cover a portion of therapy services, but it is recommended you check into your policy before you book. Please note that many health plans may not cover therapy services unless provided by a licensed psychologist, but may allow clients to utilize health spending accounts to cover some of their therapy costs.

Success in submitting receipts for reimbursement have been noted by some clients who have extended benefits through:

  • Equitable Life
  • Greenshield
  • Manulife
  • Puhl Employee Benefits
  • Sunlife (plan/contract number needs to be called in by Sabrina to get approval)
  • Blue Cross*

Please be sure to check with your specific health plan before beginning counselling to confirm that you are indeed covered under the particulars of your plan, as every business has different features as part of their coverage.

*For those with Blue Cross coverage, she is a recognized provider only for those with a specific counselling benefit on their plan. You can confirm coverage with Blue Cross by contacting a CSR at 204-775-0151, and providing them with both your contract number and Sabrina’s provider number, 73664.

For questions pertaining to insurance coverage please contact your extended health insurance provider, or Sabrina if you require further assistance. You may note Sabrina’s member number with the CCPA #10002048 and her designation as a Certified Canadian Counsellor, should that be requested.