How Do I know if it’s a Good Fit?

Therapy is an inherently relational process and it is important to ensure that the therapist you choose is a good fit for you. Part of this means that the therapists’ approach needs to suit your personality and preferences, while part of it also lies in the quality of personal connection and level of trust that exists between you and your therapist. Feeling heard, respected, and not judged, and experiencing compassion and challenge are all part of what makes for a positive therapeutic experience. Therapy is not necessarily always comfortable, but ideally it feels safe – even in the face of being pushed or challenged to think about things from a different perspective.

In some ways finding the right therapist is a bit like finding a family doctor. The way one physician works may be better suited to some folks than others, and a bit of ‘shopping around’ may happen before you actually commit. If you are going to share intimate personal details with a physician, it is important that there is a level of comfort and trust present.

Finding a therapist is a similar process.

Sabrina understands the right fit is a crucial element in the success of therapy, and wants to make sure that all people seeking support plug in to the best provider for them. This may mean working with her, or continuing to search out another clinician. An unsuccessful therapist/client pairing doesn’t mean that therapy isn’t for you, but that perhaps another therapeutic orientation or style may be more suited. If you’ve tried therapy before without success, maybe it’s time to try again and see if Sabrina is the right counsellor for you.