How Many Sessions Might I Need?

Before starting on a journey it’s helpful to have a road map. Your first session will address therapy goals and whether or not you are coming for a specific issue – like navigating a new professional role, or adjusting to an empty nest – or other more pervasive struggles like low self-esteem or more complex interpersonal struggles. Setting initial targets will help determine the potential course that therapy can take.

Some folks come for a few weeks or months and find that the support they receive is sufficient to move out of a stuck space, whereas other folks may continue to see a therapist regularly for a year or more. Some people utilize therapy as a part of a depression management plan, scheduling regular check-ins as part of their self-care strategy. Others may come to address deeply held patterns of relating to self and other, and this work naturally takes longer as clients seek to shift old strategies, rewrite old stories, and implement new ones.

Ultimately the length of therapy hinges on what your therapeutic goals are, and Sabrina will be sure to check in with you along the way to ensure that your work together is continuing to meet your targets, and that sessions consistently help to build momentum in your life.