What Can I Expect in a First Session?

Booking a therapy appointment can be a really overwhelming experience for a lot of people. While some folks may experience a sense of relief and hope at the prospect of meeting with a therapist, for many people it can be a time where nerves are raw and a bit of fear may creep in. Some people might be extra sensitive to stimulus or a little ‘on edge’ before attending a first session.

When couples come to counselling for the first time it is common for the partner who may have been less involved in the process of seeking therapy to be quite fearful of what is ahead. Some partners worry that they are going to be blamed for the relationship struggles, and that anticipation can make the thought of attending therapy very difficult. Rest assured blaming and shaming are not part of the first, or any subsequent sessions.

For many people, there is a mix of hope and nervousness when thinking of starting this process. And both are entirely okay. It take a lot of courage to risk opening up tender spaces to a stranger.

What you can be sure of as you get ready to head to Bloom is that you will be met with a warm and non-judgemental welcome. There will be a few forms to fill out before your first appointment that will be ready in the waiting room, and after finishing that up Sabrina will bring you in to her office where session begins.

The first session will start by reviewing a few policies and therapeutic boundaries, and Sabrina will outline a bit about what you can come to expect in working together. It is also a chance to share with her what it is that has brought you here at just this time. Initial sessions will include some information gathering about who you are, the story you bring with you, and clarification about the type of impact you are hoping therapy may have on your life. The first session is also a great space for clients to share their hesitations or reservations about therapy, and ask any questions they may have about the process.

After a first session a trajectory may be decided on in terms of appointment frequency, and clients will be invited to schedule another appointment so the work of healing may continue.