Sunday night therapy.

15877896_10157923642685304_1276818474_o.jpgLife can get busy. Really busy, and it can be hard to fit everything in. Sometimes that means important things go by the wayside, as competing demands make it impossible to get all the things done that you hope to do.

Exercise, eating right, time to rest…these are often the first to go when schedules get crammed. For lots of folks, therapy is on that list too. Between work, extracurricular activities, kids, friends, home tasks and responsibilities – everything can get full and busy and it can feel like too much work to think about adding one more thing to an already bursting schedule.

I get that. And, me too.

That’s why I work Sunday evenings, because it’s often a slower paced day for folks. Sunday evening activities are less frequent, and you’ve hopefully had a bit of space to slow and rest on the weekend and make room on the inside for some therapy work to happen.

Starting February 5th, there will be Sunday evening appointments available. Spots are limited, though a couple more openings will be added in spring. If you’re interested in Sunday evening therapy for individual, marriage/couple, or family counselling – check out our website, and our online scheduler here.

Note that this is an evening that is quick to fill up, and to be fair to current clients and to ensure that they have the ability to re-book, Sunday availability will be moderated carefully. If there are no spaces open, but you’d like to be added to the waitlist – please contact Sabrina and that can be readily accommodated.

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