A Beginner’s Guide to Counselling in Winnipeg

Hey there,

Maybe you’ve started looking for a space to plug in, and are looking for support in navigating some tough stuff. That’s super courageous! And it can also be daunting. I remember my search, it was a big task – and I already even knew the language.

Maybe this is your first time finding someone to talk to. Or maybe your first experience was a bust. And maybe you don’t know where to start?

Finding a competent and qualified clinician can be daunting as different folks have different credentials, letters behind their names, and belong to different organizations. Thankfully there’s lots of great folks available here, you just need to locate the right one for you.

To make it easier I’ve compiled a beginners guide to navigating the mental health scene here. You’ll find the document below in PDF form.

Helpful Tips on Finding a Counsellor

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to drop a note! Courage to you as you plug in to the right help for you.

*Note: This originally appeared as a separate page on my website, but after Google ran the page through it’s system – it flagged me for keyword stuffing (which was most unfortunate) and it bumped me way back in it’s searches. So PDF it is!

**Shout out to Kelly Bernardin-Dvorak of Jonah Consulting for her helpful edits and expertise on the role of the Manitoba College of Social Workers.

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