COVID 19 Update

Hello clients,

The past number of days have undoubtedly been overwhelming and uncertain for many of us. Myself included. Navigating unknowns as we are right now is never an easy thing, and I want to honour whatever your experience is right now. Perhaps there is fear and uncertainty. Perhaps your job has been impacted. Maybe important events are changing and getting cancelled. Or perhaps you feel it’s been blown out of proportion and just want to get back to how things were.

Whatever is coming up for you here in this time, let’s just honour that together.

I also wanted to take a moment to let you know that as a result of being in the US when the pandemic was declared, I returned home early and began a 14 day self-isolation period as requested by the Canadian government. I will be in self-isolation at home, yet still available for sessions via telephone or Zoom – if either of those platforms might work for you. I plan to keep all scheduled appointments as they are going forward and will be working my normal hours, simply delivering services in an alternative format. I realize that this is a delicate time, and I want to encourage you to think about what might work for you and do what is right for your own mental health in terms of appointments.

At this point I am just at the start of the 14 day self-isolation period, ending March 31st. However, it is reasonable to assume that should the situation remain as it is – that physical distancing may continue to be observed in order to slow the transmission of disease, and so that I might do my part in helping to flatten the curve. I will be updating my booking page ( with information regarding session options, as well as posting updates when things change on Instagram and Facebook (@bloomcounsellingwpg) – so please do check in there beyond March 31st if you are wondering about in person versus online options.

I realize this is not how things typically go, and that online sessions or phone sessions may not be ideal. I’m with you. And yet I am also simultaneously grateful for technology that allows us to still connect, to hear each others voices, and to receive support during these times.

I do want to honour that alongside world events, that we all have life experiences that continue to require attention and care – that we have personal feelings and experiences that need landing spaces, and that we have things that need holding, unrelated to the pandemic. Please know that as you might prepare for a session, that I am open to holding whatever it is that you need to bring – world event related or not. There is no wrong way to seek support right now. My hope is that Bloom has been and will be a place where you can receive the care and support that you need, in just the way you need it.

As you think about therapy and what you need moving forward, I want to be clear that I am with you and supporting you in doing whatever you choose. So if that means keeping appointments, booking an extra, or cancelling until we can be in person again – know that your wisdom is honoured and that support will be here when you are ready.

Wishing you deep breaths, extra kindness, gentle movement, and nourishing rest during this time.

Take good care,


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